About Us

Experience is what we value most and what we have learned from our founder directly. The factory was founded upon pillars of his long term work in the fiber industry in our country which was at the hight of its productivity at the time. His first contact with the industry was way back in 1957 and the time frame between that and our company’s founding in 2009 accounted for the knowledge and experience he gained which is crucial in providing the highest quality products. The work that he created has been in our family for three generations already and will be oriented towards it in the future.

The posibilities of our output are enormous and the benefit is undoubtedly big in any area. Our final products are all thanks to mechanisms which allow for finalization of hemp products. We’ve began by mostly conducting work in meat industry but broadening our impact to tobacco industry and later on military and plumbing industry even. Today the number of companies we work with is large because our products now keep up with market demands more than ever before.

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