Why us?

Why you should primarily choose us is definitely the fact that we are the only ones in Serbia and probably the whole region outside of it, who have started manufacturing roped made of natural rather than artificial materials. Advantages are seen in every aspect and the main ones are durability and continuance. No part of our manufacturing process uses artificial materials. We understand that this is something in high demand in the western parts of the world so our company is used to doing business with not only countries from our region such as Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Slovenia but export to many western countries as well.

What we value a lot in our manufacture is its authenticity from beginning to the sole end. Fact is that the whole process is conducted in Serbia, from planting hemp seeds to puting tags on the final product in our factory. This process begins with the plantation of hemp, processing fiber in the wool mill, spinning, which is done in work shops, joining of the yarn, polishing of the aforementioned yarn and such processed rope is then rolled into clews, packed and tagged so it could find its way to both domestic and european market.

This process is today only conducted in Italy and Germany while the Hungarian factory has long been gone.

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